Tumor TMA Gallery

Our Tumor TMA Gallery is a database of tissue cores of Reaction Biology’s syngeneic tumor models. These tumors were grown in mice in our animal facility and isolated when endpoint criteria were reached.

What is a TMA? Tumor Tissue Microarrays enable rapid assessment of biomarkers and immune cell populations of many tumors on just one slide. TMAs are constructed by cutting cores (tube shaped section) from tumor tissue and embed them in a paraffin block. One block contains several dozen tumor cores and will be sliced in thin sections, mounted on slides, and subjected to histological staining procedures. This allows direct comparison between the tumor slides and control tissue on one slide in high-throughput fashion.

Below you can view the tissue architecture and infiltrating immune cells of Reaction Biology’s syngeneic tumor models.

Not interested in using our interactive TMA Gallery?

No problem. Just let us know what tumor models you are interested in using for IO efficacy studies and which immune cell subsets are relevant for the action of your drug. We will be happy to put together relevant information for you. 

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Available stains

Three slices of the TMA has been stained so far with the following antigens/stains:

Slide 1: Hematoxylin and Eosin
Slide 2: Hematoxylin and CD11b
Slide 3: Hematoxylin and CD3
Slide 4: CD3/CD4/CD8/DAPI

Please see the detectable immune cell populations in the table on the right.

Markers of Cell Populations

Antigen/Stain Cell Population
Hematoxylin Nucleus
Eosin Cytoplasm
CD11b Monocytes, Granulocytes
CD3 T Lymphocytes
CD4 T Helper Cells
CD8 Cytotoxic T Cells